Indulge intends to open over a hundred outlet through a mix of company owned outlets and franchise owned outlets.

Franchise owned outlets have 2 operational models -

Company operated

The company operated model will be handled and overlooked by the Indulge team. Our team will handle complete operations of the salon and franchise owner will get monthly reports on salon performance.

Franchise Operated

In the franchise operated model the franchise owner is responsible for running the business.

Indulge has dedicated teams working on different departments focused on helping franchise owners.

We have a team of highly qualified HRs to help any employee related issues.

Our Accounts team will oversee all the reports and our operation team will always be ready at your beck and call.

The products team will ensure that you never have to turn down a customer because of a product unavailability.

The franchise owner will undergo three month hand off. Where indulge will help them learn the business and operate it. Additionally, Franchise owner will also benefit from tie-up with vendors in terms of products support and discounts.

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